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Welcome To 
Outpost Uniform

The only school co-curricular uniform retailer officially certified by the Ministry of Education

Outpost Uniform
Hi There!

We at OUTPOST Uniform love meeting our unique and diverse range of customers, whether they are school students, parents, teachers, school administrators or martial arts practitioners. We enjoy joining them and participating in their fun, exciting activities and events. This is because we are not merely retailers, but because we are a part of the community - your community.

With over 50 years of manufacturing and retail experience in the school co-curriculum uniform industry, OUTPOST Uniform has developed itself to be the leading authority in this field.

With more than 20 retail outlets nationwide, OUTPOST Uniform seeks to deliver its products to areas that have been traditionally monopolized by a handful of retailers; this is because we wish to give you, the customer, more choices, in addition to setting quality standards for others to follow.


We welcome you to join us on our journey!


- The OUTPOST Team -


School uniform

Comfort - Durability - Affordability

We offer uniform that caters for the following categories:

  • Primary School

  • Secondary School

  • Prefects

  • Religious school

School Uniform | Outpost Uniform
Co-Curriculum Uniform | Badan Beruniform

OUTPOST Uniform products have been officially certified by the following uniform organisations :

  • Red Crescent Malaysia

  • St John Ambulance of Malaysia

  • Polis Diraja Malaysia

  • Malaysia Civil Defence Department

  • Malaysian Prison Department

Certifications of Outpost Uniform


We are the only uniform retailer officially certified by :  


  • Ministry of Education

  • St John Ambulance Malaysia

  • Malaysian Red Crescent 

  • Royal Malaysia Police

  • Malaysia Civil Defence Force

  • Prison Department

Martial Arts 
uniforms & Equipment

Accurate - Durable - Comfort

Numbering more than 150 types of products, we cater to the following categories of need:

  • Protective Gear

  • Training Gear

  • Competition Gear

  • Apparels

Baju Silat Taekwondo | Martial Arts
About Us | Outpost Uniform
About Us | Outpost Uniform


Half a century of uniform making

spanning 3 generations of hard-working and passionate Malaysians

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